Terms & Conditions :

  • The terms and conditions are there for the convenience of all of you, please follow them and support from your end so that this facility can run smoothly.

  • It is mandatory to show the doctor’s original slip while taking the machine.

  • It is mandatory to submit the signed indentity letter (by the relative) and the Aadhar card / identity card of the patient and relative.

  • At the time of receiving the machine, the patient’s family is entitled to ‘Uniwiser Microdevelopment Foundation’ as an account pay cheque security amount of 75 thousand rupees (for a 5-liter machine) or an amount of 1 lakh rupees (for a 10-liter machine). Will have to be deposited in this cheque will be returned to the concentrator when resubmitting the machine.

  • The machine should not be given to any third person after taking it from the Jodhpur Breath Bank.

  • In case of any damage to the machine, the repair amount will be deducted from the security amount and if the repair amount exceeds the security amount, additional expenditure will have to be paid.

  • If it takes more days, daily payment will have to be made separately.

  • All rights will be reserved for Jodhpur Breath Bank management to be given on the basis of machine availability and priority.

  • The judicial area of all the cases will be Jodhpur.